Over the road at Blondinis later that night, David Goldthorpe's solo act about Chet Baker, Like Someone In Love, is seeing a return season after last year's Fringe Festival - and deservedly so.


With smooth jazz sounds and a crystal chandelier hanging above us, this show does for theatre what velvet does for underpants; and if you haven't tried velvet underwear, I suggest you do so soon.

In seriousness, the show's low-key set design was nicely matched by Marcus McShane's lighting plot, creating a hazy, ambient mood which gave the play a nice, slightly surreal, sensibility, as though we were watching a memory or a ghost.


Goldthorpe looks great on stage, his characterisation is engaging and his trumpet playing and vocals are formidable. The accompanying band, consisting of Tim Solly, Mostyn Cole and Richard Wise, add a touch of finesse to the finished product which makes for a superb production.

To summarise: Wellington's theatre sector impresses yet again!


​Reviewed by Jackson Coe  Salient
Monday May 5th, 2008​

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