I have talked about the joy of live performance here and on the show quite a bit.

And so it goes.

Last night (October 30th) I scrambled away from work at 7:30 and made it to South Melbourne's Butterfly Club to catch a show I just knew I HAD to see.

It was Like Someone In Love performed by David Goldthorpe and three fine musos.

It was about the genius junky Chet Baker.

This is no plug for the show, it closed last night.

I just want to make sure that if it or David comes back to Melbourne that a few more people are ready to jump on board.

It was a beguiling hour or so.

The songs enchanted, the life story was never short of riveting & the moments of terror/bliss of Baker's drug use cut to the quick.

David Goldthorpe invested himself in a character that you couldn't invent.

I am sure Chet & David will be together for a long time.

And TFC will keep playing Chet.

The music is beyond bliss, the story is as addictive as the junk Baker ruined his life with.


Reviewed by Andy Bell, THE FULL CATASTROPHE

Melbourne AUS, 31st October 2011

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